Bose Introduces its New Portable Home Speaker


Earlier this year, Bose® launched its Home Speaker™ 300—a splendid device for listening to music, streaming content from your favorite services, and telling Amazon Alexa what to do. If Bose® had rested on its laurels, that would be understandable, but instead it has outdone itself and released the Portable Home Speaker™. 

Available in black or silver, the Portable Home Speaker offers Bose’s customary sound quality and the amenities of various virtual assistants. But here’s the twist: the speaker is mobile, rugged, and water resistant; it can keep you company in every room of the house—and nearly every place outside it, too! 

As with other Bose® models, the Portable Home Speaker™ radiates even sound in every direction, thus ameliorating the acoustical “blind spots” found in many homes. This speaker, smaller than a breadbox, also packs quite the wallop: its bass sounds deeper than the SoundLink Revolve™, feeling more powerful than the Revolve+™. Set it in the corner of a room and it will easily fill up the space with sound—sound that you can control in a variety of ways.

Sure, you can raise the volume, access settings, and play/pause with clearly indicated buttons, but why do that when you can order it about with your voice? This speaker boasts a custom-designed mic array that can hear you speak, even over loud music. You’ll find that Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are never out of reach. 

Simply connect to Wi-Fi, and you’ll be able to guide the speaker to Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, and more. Moreover, you can ask for weather updates, check out your favorite podcasts, set timers, and make to-do lists.

If you’d rather not forge such a personal connection with what is essentially a sentient, cloud-based robot, you can control the speaker over a free app. The Bose® Music App can handle multiple tasks, such as browsing through all your music files, and synchronizing multiple Bose® speakers for the ultimate house-wide soiree. You can order the speaker around over the app via Bluetooth. 

When you want to leave the house, you can take the Bose® Portable Home Speaker™ with you to the park, to your vacation spot, or any other locale that would be improved by the public display of your musical tastes. It’ll give you twelve hours of playback on a single charge, and charge easily via its USB-C power cord in four hours. Plug it into the separately available charging cradle—also offered in black and silver—and you can keep the music playing while you charge. 

If you’ve already got something like the Home Speaker™ 300, you’ll find this fits into the Bose® ecosystem nicely, filling your house with synchronized sound across multiple rooms. If you don’t, you’ll appreciate its controls, audio quality, and nifty portability. 

If any of these features speak to the audio geek in you, please check out the Bose® Portable Home Speaker™ in our SuperStore—or call us at 800-606-6969, message us on chat, and send us an email. We’ll be glad to help put the right speaker in your home.  


Can you completely turn off or disable Alexa and any assistant on this device? Or can you buy one without this installed?

You sure can.  The Alexa/microphone may be disabled. Download the free Bose Music app to get instructions on how to set up the speaker step-by-step. Then use the app to browse through all your music in one place, jump between stations, playlists, and services, and keep your speaker's software up-to-date. The Bose Music app also lets you group the Portable Home Speaker with any other Bose smart speakers or soundbars you have for a virtually seamless audio experience throughout your home. Listen to different songs in different rooms, or one song in every room at the same time.