Apple's New iMacs and More


Mac mavens awoke on Tuesday to news from Apple that their world has been rocked once again with the introduction of faster and more capable iMacs (left) and Mac Pros. The company also unveiled a Magic Trackpad that brings Multi-Touch gestures to the desktop. Display devotees were awarded a 27-inch LED-lit monitor, and friends of the environment a rechargeable system for batteries, reusable for up to 10 years.

Apple's all-in-one iMac computers take up so little desk space, yet embed DVD player/writers, and contain the latest Intel Core processors and powerful new graphics. The new iMac line is the fastest ever with dual-core processors that clock in at lightning-fast speeds. They also contain some of ATI Radeon's most advanced graphics. Two models feature 21.5 inch-wide screens and two offer 27 inch-wide displays. All are LED-backlit. All include an SDXC card slot, iSight camera, 802.11n Airport Extreme Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Though the iMac comes with Apple's Magic Mouse, users can also opt for the new Magic Trackpad (right). The latter enables Multi-Touch gestures. The device enables users to scroll smoothly up and down a page with inertial scrolling, pinch to zoom in and out, rotate an image wtih their fingertips and swipe three fingers to flip through a collection of Web pages or photos. It supports single- or two-button commands and tap-to-click as well as a physical click. If you've been jealous of iPad and iPod touch users, now's your chance to show them two fingers.

Another cool accessory is the new Apple Battery Charger (lef), which provides an environmentally friendly way for users to maintain a stash of fresh batteries for use in a Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard, among other devices in your home or office. The charger comes with six reusable AA NiHH batteries that are fully charged right out of the box. According to Apple, you'll finally be able to break the cycle of buying and disposing of toxic, single-use alkaline batteries, then driving to the store to pick up yet more batteries.

Apple also announced a new 27-inch LED Cinema Display monitor with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels that should be available soon.

Available in August are the new Mac Pro computers that were also just announced by Apple.The Mac Pros (left) are high-end machines that incorporate up to 12 processing cores and offer up to 50 percent greater performance than the previous generation. Embracing the latest quad-core and 6-core Intel Xeon processors, new ATI graphics and the option for up to four 512GB solid state drives (SSD), the new Mac Pros are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers and professionals.The Mac Pro's heightened performance is built around next-generation quad-core and 6-core Intel Xeon processors clocking in at up to 3.33 Gigahertz.

For the first time, Mac Pro customers will have the option to order a 512GB SSD for paramount reliability and lightning-quick performance. With the capability to install up to four SSDs in the systems's internal drive bays, the new Mac Pro can provide ultra high-speed disk bandwidth and random disk performance that is twice as fast as the average hard drive, according to Apple.

Mac Pros will now contain two Mini DisplayPorts and one dual-link DVI port. The extra DisplayPort enables users to attach two LED Cinema Displays without an added graphics card or adapter. The dual-link DVI port supports legacy DVI-based displays with up to a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels.


April 2008 I had HAD it with Windows and pc's.  I teach this stuff at a community college and had been the self proclaimed "king of all pc's" so this was a huge move.  Driving into the college one day I heard Rush Limbaugh extol the virtues of Macs.  That planted the seed.  Then my computer lab director told me Macs are far cheaper to maintain.  That did it.  I called the Apple Store that day from work, drove down to the Biltmore store and bought a Macbook.  I said to the guy if I liked it, I might be back in a few weeks to get an iMac.  He laughed and said "bet ya I see you in the next few days."  The next day I went back and bought a 24 inch iMac.  See, Macs just flat out work.  No viruses.  No blue screens.  No bravo sierra.  Here's a question to ask.. have you ever heard of a Mac user switching back to Windows?  I'm sure they are out there.  But I've not heard of one.   

I think the 22" Mac monitors are exquisite. But if you don't, then what do you think are the best, high-resolution monitors for photographic use, with 20" or better? And what are the best glare resistant monitors of that type? Just asking....

Also, I own a 2008 White MacBook, and a Windows 7 PC. I received the MacBook as a graduation present, along with an iPod Touch, a printer, and a copy of Photoshop CS3 Extended. I have to admit that CS3 does run a bit slowly on my MacBook, because it only has 2 GB of DDR2 memory. My Windows 7 PC was made by ASUS, and has a Q8300, 8GB of DDR2, and a 1TB hard drive. It's blazing fast, and I use it for my more intensive programs such as qtpfsgui, as well as my games.

As for Operating Systems, I do like the simplicity of Apple's OS X, but I also like the amount of control I have over every part of the Windows 7 platform. And regarding the hardware, I don't really have a preference, as I've never used an Apple Desktop extensively enough to have a real opinion on one. I've always used Windows platforms for Hardware, because I've never had a reason not to.

In conclusion, each system has it's pros and cons, and it's up to the consumer to decide which is better suited for their purposes and intents. Neither is better than the other at everything, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either foolish or a fanboy.

the 12 core Mac Pro really rocks but without blu-ray and USB 3.0 or FW 1600/3200 it feels like Apple missed the bulls eye



- Would like to see something like the powermat induction chargeing built into the monitor stand for keyboard trac pad & mouse.

- Non-Glare screen option.

- Bluy-Ray Publishing capability.

-  Lower Price.


Yes this looks like a marvellous work of art. If only it had a non glare screen!  A Blu-ray  burner would be very 21st century but not as important to me as an eStata port for outboard storage or an express bus slot.


i'm waiting for the new mac pro....

Another Useless Mac update cutesy of Mr. Moron!!!, 6x AA re-chargeable batteries...are you kidding me! Innovation...Apple doesn't innovate anything, they're just PC's in a pretty Frock, oh and OS-X has moved to the top of the pile as the most vulnerable OS now with the most amount of un-patched problems still unresolved - oh and then because it's a Mac we ask you to bend over a barrel and take one for the team by paying double the price of a comparable PC...Blu-Ray Moron! stop giving us those Panasonic sourced super drives (nothing super about them) that fail just after the 1yr warranty...7 Macs, 5 Dead Super drives all in 8months...will never by Mac again...Stick it Jobs!!!

And yet again no mention of a Blu-ray burner or BD softwear thank you yet again Mr Jobs for not moving on with technology Conor Dublin Ireland





WoW, the new iMacs look like powerhouses. However there is still one FATAL FLAW with the iMacs, they don't offer one with a non-glare screen like the Macbook Pro. A high res non-glare screen its essential for serious photographers.



PLEASE Mr. Steve make me a hot, high performance iMac WITH a high res non-glare screen!


Where is the iMac 2.93GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 in the B&H online store?