Bose® CineMate® 1 SR Home Theater Speaker System


The space-saving Bose® CineMate® 1 SR Home Theater Speaker System should appeal to apartment dwellers yearning to immerse themselves in TV surround sound without fretting over where to put five or more speakers. The centerpiece of the system is a 37-inch long soundbar that Bose refers to as a “speaker array.” Though this single elongated speaker complements the slimness of a flat-panel TV, it is capable of seemingly projecting discrete channels of sound into the entire listening area.

No A/V receiver is required, and the array’s sound is supplemented by the Wireless Acoustimass® Module Subwoofer you place on the floor. An ADAPTiQ® headset for calibrating the system, programmable IR remote and connecting cables are included.

What makes the array so flexible is that it can be placed flat with the grille pointed up on the same table as your TV, or hung against the wall with the grille pointed out. The sound is directed accordingly. Bose refers to this auto-orientation as Flexmount™ placement technology. (Sorry, but one thing it can’t do is compensate for being hung upside down from the ceiling.) Inputs are recessed so that cables can be hidden and the array can be mounted flush against the wall. (The Bose WB-135 Wall Mount Kit is sold separately.)

The Bluetooth-enabled subwoofer is paired with the array at the factory and is meant for placement within 30 feet. The only thing to plug in is the power cord. However, a 50-foot audio cable is included in case you want to place the sub outside of Bluetooth® range. There’s a knob on the back of the sub for adjusting the bass level.

An automated setup routine, that has you don the headset and sit in five positions around the room, analyzes and adjusts the CineMate® 1 SR system’s sound to the size, shape and acoustic properties of your space using the ADAPTiQ® calibration system.

In a live demonstration of the system by a Bose rep in a room the size of a studio apartment, we watched a scene from the movie, Iron Man 2 and listened to the song, Till You’re Gone, performed by the Gabe Dixon Band. The mayhem of the movie appeared to be causing metallic objects to be crashing down all around us, and the thumping bass brought the thrill of movie-theater-like effects home.  As for the musical number, the piano and percussion really sparkled and the vocals were clear.

Inside the soundbar are five speakers and two PhaseGuide sound radiators. The latter represents Bose’s secret sauce in which a tweeter is attached to a tube that is sealed at the opposite end. According to Bose, sound travels from the tweeter, through the tube and exits through holes in a fine mesh screen. Each hole is the equivalent of an array element, and there are thousands of holes in the screen. Together they create an impressive beam of sound that extends beyond the physical limitations of the speaker array. Also, the CineMate® 1 SR employs a sort of sonic jujitsu in which it leverages the reflective surfaces of the room—especially the walls—to return a spacious home theater experience to the occupants.

Bose puts everything you need in the box: the speaker array, Acoustimass subwoofer module, universal remote control, with batteries, two power cords, two optical digital audio cables, one coaxial digital audio cable, the ADAPTiQ® audio calibration headset and feet for both the speaker array and subwoofer.

Soundbar Inputs Optical and coaxial digital; stereo
Dimensions (HxWxD) Soundbar: 4.9 x 36.8 x 2.4"
Acoustimass Module: 11.1 x 7.6 x 14.7"
Weight Soundbar: 7.8 lb
Acoustimass Module: 13.8 lb



Hi Andy - 

Additional speakers cannot be connected.

is there a Bluetooth adapter to buy that will connect wireless headphones?

Hi Susqn -

This BOSE product does not offer Bluetooth connectivity. There is no output to connect headphones -  wireless or wired.  An adapter will not provide a solution, since there is not port to connect it to.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

We have successfully connected the sound system to our TV and the sound is great; however, we cannot change TV channels using the Universal remote.  Have we missed a step somewhere?

The remote needs to be programmed to work with other AV equipment. You will need to program the remote with the approrpiate codes.

Can I use bluetooth with this system CineMate 1 SR? And how do I do so?

Hi Stuart -

This BOSE product does not offer Bluetooth connectivity.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

I am in the process of purchasing a second 1SR system that does not have a remote.  

Will my one remote work with both systems if I have a 1SR system in one room and a 1SR system in another; therefore, if I was to walk back and forth between rooms my remote would work on that room's system?

Thank you

Hi Debbie -

This will most likely work for you if the remote codes on the devices are identical. Please contact BOSE directly to discuss reprogramming your single remote or the speaker modules, if necessary.


Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

I own the Bose Lifestyle 135 and the acoustimass was damaged beyond repair.  I found a 1sr acoustimass for sale online.  Will the 1sr acoustimass pair to the Lifestyle soundbar?  Thx in adv.

Hi James -

Unfortunately this combination will not work.  Please contact BOSE directly to discuss the acquisition of a new BT bass module for use with your BOSE Lifestyle 135 system.


Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

Can two acoustimass modules be connected to one soundbar?  

In the event that the wireless connection doesn't work well with the acoustimass module, what type of wire is needed for a wired connection?  My purchase didn't come with a wire and I can't find much info on wire specs.


Hi David -

Only one Acoustimass module may be paired with your soundbar. It does not offer any hard-wire audio connections.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

Is this speaker bluetooth-enabled for pairing mobile devices?

Hi Tim -

This BOSE product does not offer Bluetooth connectivity.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

hi there what sort of cable is required for connecting directly to sub and the bar.please help me 


Hello -

All of the connecting cables are included.  Two digital cables  - one coaxial and one optical are provided for convenient direct connection to your televison. A stereo analog audio cable (RCA connectors) ia also included for use with an older television as well.  The subwoofer is wireless and requires only a connection to a wall outlet for AC power.