Foolproof Remote Access for the IT Challenged


If you’re an IT expert, it’s a simple matter to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection between your home network and a remote computer somewhere on the Internet. But if you’re not an expert, setting up a VPN is an involved process, with no guarantee of making a secure connection. The Dane-Elec myDitto Home Network Key and Server make secure remote access a snap, regardless of your level of computer expertise.


The myDitto Sever is a plug-and-play home network server. Users can drag and drop files from any wired or wireless devices within the home directly to the myDitto Server and vice versa. With up to four terabytes of storage space, myDitto Server can also be used to stream multimedia content to a TV, media adapters, a digital picture frame, gaming console and other media devices. But the real magic happens when the myDitto’s USB keys are used to set up remote access automatically—but more on that later.


Key Features

myDitto features two drive bays which can each accommodate a 3.5-inch SATA hard drive. The first bay houses the primary drive and the second bay can house another drive used for additional storage or as a mirrored backup for the primary drive. The server can accommodate two 2TB hard drives for a total of 4TB of storage space. Alternatively, RAID 0 and RAID 1 are supported if you want to boost performance or set up a mirrored primary drive.


Network connectivity is provided by a gigabit Ethernet port, and the server is typically connected to a home router. The server also features two USB 2.0 ports which can be used to connect external USB flash drives and hard drives. You can back up data from any USB storage device by plugging the storage device into myDitto’s USB2 port and pressing the COPY button on the front panel. The files will appear in a folder labeled with the date and time that the files were transferred.


Once myDitto has been connected to a network, any computer on the network will see it as an attached storage device containing a single public folder. Public folders will contain three sub-folders (myMusic, myPhotos, and myVideos), and these can be accessed by anyone connected to myDitto. Registered users receive a password-protected private folder identified by their username. Up to 30 network users including the administrator can share one myDitto drive, but only 10 simultaneously.


Remote Access

There are two types of myDitto keys, Standard and Master, and one of each is included with the server. Additional myDitto keys can be purchased separately. There can be only one Master key holder but as many as nine Standard key holders. Users with Standard myDitto keys can access their own private folders and any public folders, and also change their username and password. The Master myDitto key provides administrator privileges. The administrator can check on the status of all users but cannot access their private folders. They can, however, edit user passwords and usernames, block user access or delete users and their private folders.


myDitto Keys let you access your home or small business network from anywhere, via a secure connection that’s set up automatically. There are no setup or configuration issues, making the myDitto Server very easy for anyone to use. A direct peer-to-peer connection is established when remote users plug their myDitto Key into a computer’s USB port, allowing secure access to any file on the myDitto Server. The authenticated USB keys combined with password protection provide a double wall of security.


The remote access capability makes backing up computers a breeze. You just plug a myDitto key into any computer, regardless of whether it’s in a different room, state, or country and copy files to the myDitto Server.


Each myDitto key contains the myDitto application for Windows, Mac and Linux, and the keys must be authenticated with the myDitto Server before they can be used. To do that you simply plug a new key into the USB1 port on the server’s front panel and press a COPY button. When a user plugs a newly authenticated key into a computer the myDitto application will launch and they will be asked for a username and password. Once the authentication process is complete, a private folder will be created with the new username.


Mobile 6.1 and iPhone Users, Too

A software application lets Windows Mobile 6.1 and higher and iPhone users access the myDitto Server. To install the application for Windows Mobile you go to the support page on the myDitto web site and download and install the myDitto application for Windows Mobile. After launching the application, you must enter a myDitto secret key code obtained by clicking on the small mobile phone icon. Then you’re good to go. iPhone and iPod Touch users must install and launch the myDitto application available at the iPhone App Store, and then enter the secret key code.


The Dane-Elec myDitto Home Network Key and Server with a 1TB capacity comes with Master and Standard keys, a detachable stand, an Ethernet cable and power supply. Priced at just over $200, this is a much less expensive, simpler remote access solution than a VPN. With the myDitto Server you’ll always have access to important business files, and you can relax and enjoy your multimedia collection when your work day is done.


A Pogoplug is a lot less expensive and does the same thing! 

unregistered wrote:

A Pogoplug is a lot less expensive and does the same thing! 

The Pogoplug costs about $100 with no storage space. myDitto costs about $220 with a terrabyte of storage space. It seems like six of one and half a dozen of another to me.