The Five Most Must-See TVs on the Market Today


With so many great TVs and home theater displays on the market these days, it can be difficult to create a “Best Of” list. Even if today’s TVs have a lot in common, some models certainly have more standout features and impressive specs than others. With CES now well behind us and the new models rolling out to store shelves, I thought this would be a good time to compile a list of TVs and displays that are worth going out of your way to get a look at.

5. VIZIO P-Series HDR UHD SmartCast LED Home Theater Displays

The VIZIO P-series is unique on this list because it’s the only display without a tuner; if you’d like to receive free over-the-air broadcast stations, you’ll need a separate tuner to go along with your antenna. Available in 50, 55, 65, and 75", they all feature more than 120 active LED zones, which will dim areas of the screen that should remain dark, while other areas remain bright, thereby effectively increasing the perceived contrast ratio, while its Clear Action Rate technology digitally smooth out the blur commonly associated with fast-moving objects. It includes an Android tablet remote control with a 6" 1080p screen and 16GB of storage. And with SmartCast built-in, you can stream apps and other phone- and tablet-based content to the display via the SmartCast app. Wired connections include five HDMI inputs and two USB ports.

VIZIO P-Series 55"-Class UHD SmartCast LED Home Theater Display

4. Samsung Q9F-Series QLED TVs

Samsung has been making news lately with its QLED TVs, which are purported to deliver 100% color volume and over a billion colors, even in bright scenes, with something the company calls Quantum Dot technology. Available in 65 and 75" screen sizes, they also use Elite Black+ technology to further enhance black levels and shadow detail, thereby enhancing color vibrancy even further. Like the rest of the TVs on this list, the Q9F-series sports 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, HDR compatibility, and smart features, including built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and a full web browser. The included One Connect Box houses the TV’s connectivity, which includes four HDMI inputs and three USB ports.

Samsung Q9F-Series 65"-Class HDR UHD Smart QLED TV


If you’ve never seen an OLED TV, I must say that your hiding-under-a-rock game is impressive. If you’re ready to join the new millennium, the LG SIGNATURE G7P-series would be a great first OLED to check out. OLEDs are known for their intense black levels and vibrant colors, so if you get the chance to see these TVs, take note of those two aspects of the image quality. In person, they’re downright impressive. Available in 65 and 77" sizes, these UHD HDR-enabled TVs are LG’s traditional flagship TVs, but they break from the traditional norm by incorporating a creative speaker design—more on that later. They feature a Picture-on-Glass design that has the OLED panel applied directly to the rear panel of the TV, which is a pane of glass, providing a slim bezel design. The base of the TV doubles as a soundbar, which provides virtual surround sound with 60W of power for the 65" model and 80W for the 77" model. The base/soundbar also provides the TV’s connectivity, which includes four HDMI inputs and three USB ports. Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections are also built-in for smart TV functionality like app use and web browsing.


2. Sony A1E-Series OLED TVs

As discussed here, the A1E-series of TVs represent the first OLED offerings from Sony in the US consumer market. We know that OLED displays offer the most intense black levels due to the nature of the technology, but what sets this series apart is its audio; rather than traditional speaker drivers, these TVs (available in 55 and 65" screen sizes) use Acoustic Surface technology, which utilizes two pairs of actuators mounted on the back of the TV to vibrate the screen surface to produce sound. This is the first TV I’ve heard of to use this technology, and it’s certainly something I’d like to hear in action. Four HDMI inputs and three USB ports are built-in, plus Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for smart TV activities via the integrated Android TV OS.

Sony A1E-Series 65"-Class HDR UHD Smart OLED TV

1. LG SIGNATURE W7-Series “Wallpaper-Thin” Smart OLED TV

This is the series with the most unique features, and the one I’d like to get my eyes (and hands) on most. First, and probably most impressive, is its depth, or lack thereof; when mounted using the included wall mount, which is currently the only setup option, the 77" is less than ¼" deep, and the 65" is only 0.15" deep. When I first saw these depth specs, I took out my tape measure and wondered how connectivity would work when the display is thinner than an HDMI connector; the answer, of course, is the included soundbar. It houses all the connectivity, and connects to the TV through a proprietary ribbon cable. The built-in cable is 18.5" and includes a 62.9" extension, in case you want to run it through the wall.

LG SIGNATURE W7 Series 65"-Class UHD Smart OLED TV

The soundbar is also impressive in its own right; it sports a 4.0.2-channel Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker system, which will literally bounce sound off your ceiling to create a broad, 3-dimensional soundstage; the display component has no audio built in, so the soundbar is required for audio, not to mention power and signal inputs. Its connectivity includes four HDMI and three USB ports to connect a variety of digital HD sources. Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port are built-in for smart TV functionality, including webOS 3.5, the LG Content Store for app downloads, and a full web browser.

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I have a new 65" Sony A1E. The picture is incredible. The lowlights, shadows and black levels are amazing. The color is rich. The way it upscales HD content is outstanding and the audio, from the screen's vibrating, is amazing also. Incredible how they achieved good stereo from one single panel. I'm very happy with the TV. 

about Samsung One Connect Box, it should be told that portable hard drives are not readable by the USBs. You need a self powered HD!!!

I just can't get excited anymore over new TVs. There is so much gimmickry, adding too much processing to the picture. It seems that we are straying from realism, and entering into a Picasso Age. IMHO. YMMV.

All these wonderful "innovations" (except for OLED, which actually IS an innovation) serve no purpose other than to partially compensate for the inherent inadequacies of LCD TV (yes, LCD, there is no such thing as an LED TV, except for an OLED TV), inadequacies which were not present in plasma or old-fashioned CRT sets.  Yes, plasmas weren't as bright, but TV was never meant to be watched in a bright room in the first place.  LCD was designed for data displays to be viewed straight-on.  Never intended for TV.  OLED is the future.  And not the white-pixel-with-filter system used currently by LG, which is excellent, but the full-color OLED pixel system, which is even more superb (but currently costs more to produce).  With OLED (both types), there is no motion blur, no "burn-in", no fall-off when viewed off-axis, true black, lifelike picture fidelity and even sufficient brightness to view in a well-lit room.  Whoever made the decision to push crappy LCD sets on the public should be ashamed of him/herself.