What Is Your New Year's Photography Resolution for 2011?


We all know that photography isn't easy. Now that you've been fondling some brand new photo gear from the holidays, you'll need to become a better photographer by creating a New Year's Resolution, and sticking to it! What projects will you do to improve yourself? For those of you that are completely lost, here is a short list of some popular ideas that you can adopt as your own New Year's Resolution.

365 Project

A 365 Project is when a photographer shoots one photo for each day of the year. It takes a considerable amount of commitment. These projects are usually themed and cumulative. For the person that would like eventually to shoot professionally, this is a project that will instill discipline like no other.

One Focal Length for One Year

Want to really push your creativity? Many photographers push themselves to shoot with one focal length (and nothing but) for an entire year. Usually it is a 50mm or 35mm lens. If your resolution is to shoot more creatively, then making the most of one focal length is a great way to do it.

This was a popular project, back in the film days.

Go Back to Film

Film is exciting because of the uncertainty factor that finally releases its secrets in the darkroom. But you can also shoot instant film and have even more fun with the prints. Of course, we don't mean that you should shoot film all day and all night—a couple of frames a day should suffice.

Shooting film will force you to try to get the image perfect the first time, as opposed to shooting, viewing it on the LCD screen, and adjusting accordingly. For the person that wants to be a more efficient photographer, this project should definitely be considered.

Become a Strobist

A strobist is a person that loves to use (and masters the use of) off-camera lighting and strobes. Good lighting is fundamental to any photo, and knowing how to control it will make you a smarter photographer. Of course, there are accessories that you can use for both products or general use.

For Canon users, we've got an entire intro on the wireless ETT-L system with Rudy Winston. You may also want to take a look at this piece on shooting orchids.

Want to become a professional this year? Becoming a strobist will help put some stunning images into your portfolio.

Break Your Nervousness About Shooting in Public

Street photography forces you to become a totally different photographer, by grabbing you and shaking the nervousness out of you. It helps many photographers overcome personal obstacles, and it also aids in dealing with complete strangers.

This past year, my photography-related New Year's Resolution was to learn how to disarm angry strangers that I photograph, with nothing else but a kind and warm smile. And I've succeeded.

What projects are you planning on working on? Have you accomplished any of these? We want to know all about it in the comments below, and we'd love for you to link us to your photos.


Last year, I completed a 365 and I found being forced to take a picture a day made me look at everyday scenes in different ways. The downside to the project was processing and uploading the images to the web from my myriad of cameras. This year, to keep myself on track, I'm doing a strictly iPhone 365. I'll have no excuse for not uploading every day. 

My other project is to stop hoarding and use up the rest of my Polaroid 600 film. I have 120 exposures left that I've been storing in my basement because I'm afraid of the day when I don't have any left - even though I have a Fuji Instax 200. I plan on using all 120 exposures this year and then create a photo book of my last Polaroids.

teach more, learn more, do more. 

Complete an Iphoneography blurb book. Renew my membership at Camera Club and get in the studio to start shooting my lovely freaks, and have printing days at least a few times a month.

Heres to all of us fullfilling our goals!


Thank you all for sharing.
We wish you the greatest success in the new year!
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1. Spend more time in the darkroom printing negatives I’ve already made!
2. Practice more with my medium format rig.
3. Find (and hopefully fix) the light leaks in my view camera.
Happy New Year To All!

I'm going to try to create a photo book (Blurb or whichever other company) at least quarterly. I also want to actually put up the photo shelves I bought a couple of years ago (!) at Ikea and then regularly get large prints made to put on the shelves.

To be more organized with my photos. Store them properly and to share them more.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!

Stop making excuses for why I don't shoot more.

Complete a 365 project. 

Change my strategy for attracting clients.

Talk 25 total strangers into letting me take their portrait.  This will likely be tied into my 365. 

Learn more about natural light shooting (I'm a die hard flasher).