Tips on Shooting Product Photos for eBay


If you're selling used gear online, there is no reason why you shouldn't have photos that effectively showcase your item. Here are several budget-friendly items, and some tips on how to create professional-quality photos which stand out from the rest.


Recommended Items


The Giottos ST130 is a compact box especially designed for shooting products. This is a useful item for shooting jewelry and other small items, like toys, which require strobes or lights to fire through the white sides for soft, diffused light. The background comes in black, white, blue, or red. When you're finished, the box folds down for easier transport.

If you're the type that likes to think out of the box, then you should take a look at this Digital Lighting Kit. It consists of a black matte background and two 19" fluorescent flip lights. Besides shooting photos for eBay, Facebook Marketplace or other sites, it can work well for bloggers that want better product photos. According to our customer reviews, the background is big enough for photographing small dogs.

Impact makes an Extra-Large Digital Light Sheds Kit designed for small-product photography. B&H's very own Joey Quintero shows a quick demo of how to use this item, in the video above. The package includes two 500-watt floodlights with stands, and a tent.

If you don't want to bring lights with you, take a look at the MK Digital Direct Gem E-Box. This gem has built-in lights that illuminate the object placed on the 5 x 7" platform inside. To shoot the object inside, you can shoot through the top, or open the front door for another angle.

The E-Box comes with Catalog Producer software, which helps you to keep track of your images, arrange slide shows, update your website, and print catalogs. It also comes with jewelry holders.

Tricks of the Trade

- Make sure that you don't get distracting reflections in your product shot. Bounced and diffused light make for the best product shots, when done correctly. The reflection of your camera in that iPod touch you're trying to sell takes away from the aesthetic appeal.

- Add extra items, to make it more aesthetically attractive. For example, if you're selling an old film camera, put a roll of film in the photo as well. Be clear in your description whether the accessories are included or not.

- It is always best to shoot with a tripod, like this one from Sunpak. It helps to assure that you capture sharper photos. Sharpness and accurate focusing really count.

- Always use a grey card for accurate color balance. Also, look at your histograms to ensure that you capture a properly-balanced exposure.

- It can help to use aluminum foil on the table as a reflector, to help fill in the small shadow details.

- Because of its strength, sticky adhesive is great for holding items down and in place.

- Try to give your item room on the sides when shooting, so that you can crop to the exact framing that you want in post-production.