Go Hands-Free with uCorder IRDC150 and IRDC250 Wearable Camcorders


Want to remain hands-free while you record video footage? A few weeks ago I wrote about camcorders that you can wear. One was a helmet cam, another was a pen that records video and the third was a pair of sunglasses that capture video. Those posts generated quite a bit of reader interest in other forms of wearable camcorders, so I decided to write about some more of these increasingly popular items.


The uCorder IRDC150 Wearable Mini Camcorder is only 3.5" tall. You can clip it onto your clothes or wear it around your neck on a lanyard, but either way you can keep your hands free to do other things. The IRDC150 records 640 x 480 standard-definition video with audio. Recordings are captured as AVI files, which can be played back on any media player. Files are stored on the camera’s 1GB of internal flash memory, but a microSD slot accepts cards up to 8GB; combined, that’s enough to store up to six hours of footage.


The IRDC150 is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A low-battery indicator tells you when to recharge, which is accomplished by connecting the camera to a USB port. The USB port is also used to transfer files to a computer for safekeeping. A built-in LED can be used as a flashlight, which can be surprisingly handy at times. The IRDC150 is quite affordable, priced at $79.95.


uCorder’s IRDC250 is basically the same as the IRDC150, except that it features 2GB of internal memory. Not only that, but the IRDC250 can also be used as a webcam. A clip-on bracket is included for webcam use. I don’t know about you, but if I were in the market for a webcam, I’d love to have one that can also be used to record video or as a flashlight. That sort of versatility is appealing.


Like the IRDC150, the IRDC250 has a microSD slot that accepts cards up to 8GB. That, combined with the IRDC250’s 2GB of internal memory, is enough to store up to seven hours of footage. The IRDC250 costs $99.95.


These wearable camcorders are ideal for capturing a bike ride, a hike through the woods, documenting business meetings, parties, celebrations, sting operations and so on. I could probably list many other applications for such a neat gadget, but I'll leave some of those to your own imaginations.