Four HD Radios Under $100


Still listening to AM or FM when you can be enjoying crisp digital radio free of the Internet or a subscription? For stations broadcasting in HD Radio, AM sounds like FM and FM sounds like a CD. HD Radio also enables a broadcaster to send out some three different channels simultaneously, increasing your choices beyond the limitations of conventional stations. If you're ready to step up to HD, radios for under $100 abound.

The Coby HDR-700 Portable HD Radio System (above) is splash-proof and contains an internal rechargeable battery, so you could use it on a bathroom windowsill even when an outlet isn't handy. Though it's a bit too bulky to jog with, you could take the HDR-700 to the beach or park.

The other three HD radios in our roundup require AC power. One is a clock radio and the other two are components for your stereo system or home theater. The former (upper right) is the iLuv i168 HD Radio with Dual Alarm Clock.

Neither the Sony XDR-F1HD HD Radio Receiver or Coby HDR-650 Component HD Radio contains speakers, but they each plug into your audio receiver to take advantage of the sound system you already have in place.

Another advantage of HD Radio is the text readout showing not only the station call letters but also the name of the artist and song title playing. All these radios include conventional AM/FM tuners, too, and enable you to preset favorite stations.


Are HD radios being taken off the market for some reason?  None of the items here are available.  Why?

Hi Burnham - 

The reason is -  it didn't sell.  Manufacturer's are in business to turn a profit. If there is little customer demand, there is reduced motivation for manufacturers to endure the effort, risk, and expense to bring products to market that will fail to create revenue.

Love the feature of the text readout of artist and title of song. Many years ago at a family gathering we were talking about the song "More Today Than Yesterday". This was before we could use the internet to search so we had to call a radio station to find out it was the group Spiral Staircase that had that one hit wonder!

Will any of these HD Radios work with the Pandora streaming music service?  I've heard that some are capable of that feature.

None are, HD radio is digital terrestrial radio over traditional FM which is different from an Internet-based streaming service like Pandora. The 2 are possible to put into 1 unit, but none of these 4 are it.