Equinox HD6 Protects Panasonic Camcorders Under the Sea


If you’ve got a Panasonic HDC-TM700 camcorder, Equinox has an underwater housing for you. The Equinox HD6 underwater housing will protect your camcorder down to 250 feet beneath the waves.


The Equinox HD6 is a corrosion-resistant underwater housing constructed from rugged PVC. It features 1-inch cast acrylic face plates and stainless-steel hardware. This model will protect the Panasonic HDC-TM700 camcorder to a depth of 250 feet.


Standard features of the HD6 include manual controls for power/standby, record-start/stop, zoom, photo and memory switch. An underwater microphone and pluggable underwater connector are optional. The housing features a curved optical dome port with a blue water color-correcting filter and a 37mm 0.45x wide-angle lens.


Rubber feet on the housing provide sure-footed stability even on a rocking boat, and a D-ring on the rear plate allows for easy connection to a lanyard. A sliding tray inside the housing makes for easy mounting and removal of the camera.


On dry ground, the Equinox HD6 weighs 15 pounds. But in water, the HD6 exhibits neutral buoyancy, meaning that it doesn’t float or sink; it tends to stick close to the diver. But a ballast release system can save your gear should you encounter trouble on a dive. The last thing you want to worry about in an underwater emergency is your gear; your life is far more important. Should you encounter any trouble, all you have to do is pull a quick-release pin on the housing to release the wings and handle. That gives the housing positive buoyancy, causing it to shoot to the surface.


As mentioned before, the Equinox HD6 underwater housing fits the Panasonic HDC-TM700 camcorder and costs $899.00.


I am interested in these questions as well.  In addition, what extended battery should I get?  Does it matter the manufacturer?  Best to stick with panasonic?

What other accessories are a must?  Filters?  Microphone? etc?

I am shopping for a HD camcorder, considering the following three:  Panasonic HDC-TM700, Canon HF S21 and Sony HDR-CX550V.

Primary use:  indoor family events

Concern #1:  low-light (indoor) picture quality

Question #1:  which one do you recommend for best indoor video quality?

Concern #2:  editing software choice (I am a total novice with video). I believe the different cameras may require different editing software. 

Question #2:  What S/W (name and version #) do you recommend for which camera that you recommend?  Photoshop Premier Elements #9 ?   Pinnacle ?  Other?

Thanks for any comments.

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