6th-Generation Apple iPod nano


If you took the last generation iPod nano and sliced it cleanly in half with a laser, you’d wind up with one new iPod nano and one new iPod shuffle… or at least something that resembles them. The new Apple iPod nano is a screen with no click wheel—and the new iPod shuffle has buttons.


The new iPod nano is a slick gadget. It’s about half the size of the last generation nano and it has lost its click wheel. A 1.5-inch multi-touch screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels replaces the click wheel functionality. If you thought the last nano was small, you’ll be amazed how small the new one is. The new nano is 46% smaller and 42% lighter than its 5-th generation predecessor. The new one measures 1.61 inches wide by 1.48 high by 0.35 inches thick and it weighs a scant 0.74 ounces. The nano is now roughly the same size as the shuffle, and you get up to 24 hours of nonstop music playback on a single charge.


A clip on the new nano makes it wearable and a screen-rotation function lets you clip it in on and still be able to set the screen to be easily readable, regardless of its orientation. Like the last generation nano, the new one features an FM radio and you can pause FM broadcasts for up to 15 minutes. Other familiar nano features include Genius Playlists and Mixes, Nike + iPod Sport Kit compatibility and Shake to Shuffle.


The new iPod nano does not run the iOS of the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It’s loaded with the traditional iPod OS, enhanced with touch support. All of the familiar iPod controls are now onscreen with the exception of hard volume controls that let you adjust volume without touching the screen.


Unlike the old click wheel, the multi-touch screen would be difficult, if not impossible to use with the iPod in your pocket. Fortunately, a VoiceOver function announces the playlist, song and artist, and you can control the iPod using the optional earphones with integrated remote and microphone—without touching the screen .


So what’s missing from the new iPod nano? Well, for one thing, there’s no camera, and two, it won’t play video; the screen is too small for it anyway. If you want a camera or video playback you’ll have to step up to the 4th-Generation iPod touch, which has also been updated. But that’s another post on this blog.


Along with updates to the iPods themselves, Apple has upgraded iTunes to version 10. iTunes 10 has a more streamlined appearance and a new feature called
Ping. It’s essentially a social network for music lovers. You can see what your friends like, they can see what you like and your favorite artists can tell you what they’re up to.


The iPod nano is available in 8GB and 16GB versions with prices of $149 and $179, respectively. They all feature anodized aluminum housings in six different colors including graphite, blue, silver, green, orange and pink.


dear sir,

i am really looking badly for "apple ipod nano 6th generation" for my sister and i am really searching very hard to find new one.

i request you to please check and let me know if this product is available in your store or alternatively can you arrange for me than i can arrange to come and get it collected from your store in new york manhatten.

awaiting your kind reply.


jigish mehta

Hi Jigish -

Unfortunately the iPOD NANO 6th generation has been discontinued for some time now.  You may want to contact Apple directly as they sometimes offered factory refurbished models for sale.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have more questions: Askbh@BandH.com

The Zune with HD radio is very tempting now.  Touch is nice, but expensive and no HD radio.

I was in the same boat.  I was waiting to replace a 4th Gen after the display crapped out due to humidity and perspiration from running.  You could actually see the condensation inside the screen.  I figured that after the video update to the 5th gen, the 6th would be an even better upgrade.  Instead, Apple slaps a touch screen on to the shuffle and calls it a Nano at the same price point.

Imagine how useless this thing will be if the screen goes out in it.  This was the reason for my last two Nano upgrades.  Indeed, touch screens aren't the answer to everything.  Wasn't it the "click wheel" that revolutionized mp3 players anyway?

Seems to me that instead of offering more functionality and value to their customers, Apple instead would just rather everyone purchase the more expensive, less portable IPod Touch.  That seems to be the only explanation for the regression of this model.  It's unfortunate because I was really anticipating its release.

That's a major bummer to me.  I was going to upgrade my 4th Gen Nano to a 5th Gen Nano this Summer, but decided to waiti for these new models to be announced.  I was definitely hoping for *more* capability in 6th Gen rather than *less*.  The 4th + 5th Gen Nano's are plenty small enough to carry in your pocket every day and I think they can be amusing with some of the games and an occasional video download (or video podcast).  I was really expecting a 32GB option and hoping for a slightly larger screen.   I certainly had expected it to be a "no brainer" to go with whatever Apple decided on for the 6th Gen model.

This new Nano offering is clearly intended as a music-only offering.  As such, I expect it will be pretty awesome for that intended use, though it leaves some of us with very tough decisions since a slimmer Touch still doesn't fit easily or safely in your pants pocket for every day, anytime use.