4th-Generation Apple iPod shuffle


The new iPod shuffle, unlike its previous generation, once again has buttons. It combines the best features of all previous shuffles into this latest gem, and returns a nice touch of functionality by restoring manual controls .


The last generation iPod shuffle didn’t have much in the way of controls, making it tricky to operate. The latest iPod shuffle combines the design of the second generation shuffle with the firmware of the third generation shuffle and real control touch points. It also offers Playlists, VoiceOver (press the new VoiceOver button on your iPod shuffle and it tells you the names of songs, playlists and battery status, in 25 different languages—though not simultaneously), and Genius mixes.

With the Genius feature activated in iTunes on your computer, it will automatically find songs that sound great together and will then create Genius Mixes, which you can sync to your iPod shuffle for a cohesive listening experience.

You can switch between random play of your tunes or you can have the iPod shuffle play them in order, just by flipping a switch.

Having iTunes on your Mac or PC makes it easy to download to your iPod shuffle. Just choose the playlists, audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio files you want, then sync.

The clickable control panel on the new iPod shuffle offers Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Next, Last and Volume Up and Down adjustments, even though one doesn't technically scroll through song titles or playlists—which is no problem, since the VoiceOver feature tells you what's cued up to play.There is also a clip for securing your iPod shuffle to a lapel, shoulder strap or waistband. The 3.5mm headphone jack also doubles as the input for the included USB cable, for charging and downloading iTunes music to your iPod shuffle.

It’s going to be much easier to use this new iPod shuffle than it was to use the last one, and delightfully, you now have greater flexibility and control over its functions. The iPod shuffle boasts 15 hours of battery life per charge, and 2GB of storage capacity, good for storing hundreds of your favorite tunes to make that morning commmute just a bit more bearable.


The new iPod shuffle comes in silver, blue, green, pink and orange. All of them are 2GB in capacity and all cost $49.