A 152-Inch Display in My House? Some Day...


I remember, years ago, reading about a 40-inch CRT television set. It had a 4:3 aspect ratio, weighed several hundred pounds, and cost around $100,000. I think it was a Sony. It was completely impractical, but it got me to thinking that some day I wanted to own a TV set with a screen that size. Today I own a 46-inch flat panel, but I saw something this week that got me thinking again. Panasonic just announced its new 152-inch plasma display that should be available early next year.

Panasonic’s TH-152UX1 is a 152-inch, 4K x 2K (4096 x 2160) resolution 3D plasma display. This thing is so huge that I would need a bigger house just to fit it. I don’t know how much it will cost, but I’m sure I’ll also require a larger paycheck to be able to afford the TV—and the house.


To give you an idea of how big this display is, consider this: it’s equivalent in size to nine 50-inch screens. Its resolution is equally impressive. A 1080p display (1920 x 1080) contains over two million pixels (2,073,600, to be exact). But this 4K display contains 8,847,360 pixels, or about four times the resolution of a 1080p display. The TH-152UX1 is intended for commercial applications, but perhaps someday everyone will be able to afford a television on this grand scale. At least we can hope.


I already have a 120" diagonal screen (9ft wide) when watching 2.35:1 movies and 96" diagonal when watching regular HD TV.

If you have a dark enough room for it, front projection is the way to go.  Stunning 1080p picture, very large size and 2% of what this thing costs.

I own that 40 inch CRT television you are describing. It's a Sony Trinitron and it takes three people to lift it. I'm looking to replace it within a year but I don't think I'll go plasma. I think I'm leaning towards LED backlit LCD for the energy savings and longer life.

as long as it's ok with my wife I don't think it would be a problem!