New TV Technologies from LG


At CES 2021, LG revealed plans to introduce more large-sized OLED panels this year, with its new G1 series that features OLED evo technology, which offers higher brightness levels for enhanced clarity, detail, and realism. The C1 series is scheduled to be offered in sizes ranging from 48 to 83" with an optional Gallery Stand (for the 55 and 65" G1, C1, and A1 series) available separately to offer an alternative to wall mounting. The G1 and C1 series, as well as the QNED99 and QNED95 series of QNED MiniLED TVs and NANO99 and NANO95 series of NanoCell TVs, will be powered by the new α 9 Gen 4 AI processor, which uses AI Picture Pro and deep learning technologies to optimize content. Additionally, the new Scene Detection feature optimizes the image to match the type of scene being displayed.

LG G1 Series OLED TV (left) and LG QNED MiniLED TV (right)

The new α 9 Gen 4 AI processor in the G1 and C1 series also features a new version of LG’s AI Sound Pro technology, which adds Virtual 5.1.2-channel up-mixing for a more immersive audio experience using only the TV’s speakers. Auto Volume Leveling is also added to keep a consistent volume level when switching from one channel or streaming app to another.

LG’s new webOS 6.0 is designed to provide faster app access and simpler content discovery, highlighted by more personalized recommendations. The new and improved Magic Remote even adds four hot keys for popular content providers, enabling one-touch app launching.

Gaming was a hot topic, and LG is looking to accommodate gamers with its 2021 TVs. All the 2021 TVs will have at least one HDMI 2.1 port, but the G1 and C1 series will sport four HDMI 2.1 ports that will include support for eARC (enhanced audio return channel), allowing TV-based multichannel audio to be routed back to a compatible home theater system with just one cable, as well as ALLM (automatic low latency mode), which reduces the latency between the console or computer and the TV. The QNED90 and NANO90 series will also support VRR (variable refresh rate) technology, further smoothing out gameplay video.

Additionally, LG announced plans to add Stadia cloud gaming to its TVs in the latter half of 2021, allowing customers to play a variety of online games with just a Stadia controller and no additional hardware or downloads. At launch, Stadia will be available on LG smart TVs equipped with webOS 6.0, with plans to bring the update to webOS 5.0 TVs later in the year.

It’s too soon to expect pricing and availability information, but keep checking back with the B&H website for CES 2021 virtual coverage and join the LG conversation in the Comments, below!


Is there any information on a release date of the LG G1 OLED in the 77" size?

Hi Connor - 
The tentative release date appears to be late April, with shipping to begin sometime after that.

" optional Gallery Stand...  to offer an alternative to wall mounting"  Nice, but what about the wires ?

Hi Dominiqe -

The wires may be hidden very easily in a channel that runs down the column and legs of the Gallery Stand.