New SVS App-Controlled Subwoofers


SVS just announced its new app-controlled 4000-series subwoofers, and with 1200W of RMS power and a 13.5" driver, they just might literally raise the roof. The SB-4000 (SB referring to its sealed-box design) is available in black ash or piano gloss black and features a 19 to 310 Hz frequency response with Class D amplification from the built-in Sledge STA-1200D amplifier, which can output up to 4200W of peak power. The amplifier uses discrete 32A 600V MOSFETs to reduce EMI and enable high efficiency, powerful low-frequency output, and precise driver control, enhancing performance at nearly all volume levels. Integrated Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) ensures that the subwoofer receives the power it’s supposed to, regardless of incoming current instability. The SB-4000 also features a 50 MHz DSP made by Analog Devices to help maintain accuracy and sound quality through in-room tuning, manual DSP controls, and more.

The PB-4000 (PB for ported box) is also available in black ash or piano gloss black and sports all the same features of the SB-4000 with the addition of three bass ports which, along with the three included foam port plugs, allow you greater control of the frequency response. The appropriately named Sealed Mode, which has all ports sealed, allows for an 18 to 200 Hz frequency response, while leaving all the ports open yields a frequency response as low as 13 Hz.