Enjoy Dolby Atmos Surround Sound with the Bose® Smart Soundbar™ 600


Today, Bose® adds another member to its soundbar family, with the release of the Smart Soundbar™ 600. The 600 is a mid-range option for those who want, or require, the simplicity of a soundbar, but demand the immersive soundstage of a surround sound setup. An enhanced movie and TV experience is just the beginning with the Smart Soundbar™ 600, because a plethora of streaming support allows the soundbar to transform your living room into a true home entertainment center, along with joining your other speakers in an audio solution for your entire home.

Bose® Smart Soundbar™ 600
Bose® Smart Soundbar™ 600

Primarily, the Bose® Smart Soundbar™ 600 is made to elevate your audio experience drastically when watching TV shows, movies, and playing the latest video games. Unlike many soundbars that offer forward-facing drivers to improve on your TV's thin, built-in speakers, the Smart Soundbar™ 600 fires audio all around the room from five, uniquely positioned drivers. One driver faces the right, another to the left, two point upward, and the last is centered and aimed forward. Using Bose®'s TrueSpace technology and support for Dolby Atmos, the result is clear dialogue and sound effects that feel as though they are around, behind, and above you.

To expand its entertainment capabilities past movies, TV, and games, Bose® provides an assortment of streaming options for your music, podcasts, and more. Stream audio over your home's Wi-Fi network or via Bluetooth from mobile devices. Utilize trusted technologies, such as Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay, and Spotify Connect. You can even use the Bose® Music app to stream audio, as well as control and manage the soundbar's preferences.

The Smart Soundbar™ 600 can be used effectively alone, or it can be combined with other Wi-Fi-enabled Bose® speakers. This ability can help to fill a larger room with sound, or when paired with a dedicated subwoofer and rear speakers, further enhance the surround quality of your movies and shows. You can also group it with compatible speakers throughout your home, sending the same song to every room, or a different song to each, allowing the Smart Soundbar™ 600 to become part of a larger home audio system.

Bose® delivers a full range of control over the entire experience. Use the included remote control, the mobile app, or your own voice. The Smart Soundbar™ 600 supports Amazon's Alexa voice assistant by default, but also works with Google Assistant when using a compatible Google device. Bose®'s Voice4Video can even be used to expand Alexa's ability to control not just the soundbar, but a TV and cable/satellite box, as well.

Pushing the boundaries of what soundbars can do, the Bose® Smart Soundbar™ 600 is ready to deliver realistic surround sound and convenient music streaming to your home, all without the hassle and cost of additional speakers and wiring. If you're ready to elevate your enjoyment of movies, shows, games, and music, you can find the new Bose® Smart Soundbar™ 600 right now at B&H.