Dahua Technology Expands Three-In-One (TiOC) and Night Color 2.0 Cameras


There’s no shortage of surveillance cameras on the market right now and that’s a good thing. Most of these solutions are competent enough and get the job done. For these applications, the cameras capture surveillance footage of incidents as they happen. While valuable, what these solutions offer is passive video surveillance. With the captured footage, you can only react to whatever incident occurred after the fact. As technology marches on, we don’t need to rely on the old way of doing things. Better exists.

Three-In-One Cameras

Dahua Technology recently expanded its Three-In-One (TiOC) camera line, offering a proactive video surveillance solution that enables users to prevent or deter an incident before it happens via smart illumination and live warnings. 

Featuring perimeter protection and smart motion detection, TiOC cameras can be configured to activate flashing red and blue lights immediately when motion is detected after a perimeter threshold or defined line has been crossed. Additionally, a siren with multiple siren sounds can be activated for an additional layer of deterrence. Along with the siren, a pre-recorded message or voice prompt command from an admin or operator can be broadcasted via the camera’s speaker as a live warning to any intruder.  

Dahua Technology N43BU83 4MP Outdoor TiOC Network Turret Camera with Night Vision & Heater
Dahua Technology N43BU83 4MP Outdoor TiOC Network Turret Camera with Night Vision & Heater

TiOC cameras are equipped with IR and white LED illuminators. IR mode is employed when ambient light decreases. On typical cameras that can record when illumination goes down to 0 lux, this is known as true night vision. The downside with true night vision is that the IR-captured video will never be in color. However, thanks to the white LED illuminators, TiOC cameras will record full-color video in complete darkness when a perimeter threshold is crossed, ensuring that all details are captured clearly. The camera will revert to IR mode once the intruder leaves the designated perimeter being covered.

TiOC cameras are available in various resolution, lenses, and form factors, like the 4MP turret models with 2.8mm and 3.6mm fixed lens variants, the 4MP bullet model with a 2.8mm fixed lens, and an 8MP turret model with a 2.8mm fixed lens. For those who need an application with a slightly longer coverage range, 4MP and 8MP bullet models are available with a 2.7-13.5mm motorized varifocal lens. 

Night Color 2.0 Cameras

For users who don’t need all the features of TiOC cameras like flashing colored lights, sirens, or voice prompts, Dahua’s Night Color 2.0 series are an alternative. The Night Color 2.0 cameras feature white LED illuminators that will record full-color video in complete darkness. Additionally, the LEDs function as a visual deterrent for intruders and trespassers. Like the TiOC cameras, the Night Color 2.0 cameras feature smart analytics like perimeter protection and motion detection in real time. Another smart analytic included with Night Color 2.0 network cameras is people counting. People counting functionality can be useful for retail applications if foot traffic is an important metric that needs to be tracked. A store manager or admin can use one of the Night Vision 2.0 cameras to run people-counting functions during hours of operation, then run perimeter protection overnight while the store or establishment is closed. 

Dahua Technology N45EYNZ 4MP Outdoor ePoE Night Color 2.0 Network Dome Camera with 2.7-12mm Lens
Dahua Technology N45EYNZ 4MP Outdoor ePoE Night Color 2.0 Network Dome Camera with 2.7-12mm Lens

Options for Night Color 2.0 cameras include 4MP turret models with a 2.8mm fixed lens, or 2.7-12mm motorized varifocal lens variants in dome and bullet housings. 

Putting it Together with NVRs

After deciding on the amount of TiOC or Night Color 2.0 cameras you want, you’ll need a network video recorder (NVR) to connect the cameras to. NVRs record and store video to an HDD (or SSD). The number of cameras an NVR will support are identified as channels, with one camera being one channel. For the sake of brevity, we’ll focus on applications that don’t need more than 32 channels. For anything larger than 32 channels, a server running network video software (NVS) would be ideal. For most applications, an NVR is more than enough. 

NVRs do a lot more than connect to cameras, record, and store video; they enable control functions for cameras like PTZ (panning, tilting, and zooming), along with activating functionality on the cameras for operating in the elements and inclement weather like heaters, blowers, and wipers. 

Depending on the NVR, they can also add post-recording smart analytics to your system, which, when used in conjunction with any combination of TiOC and Night Color 2.0 cameras, would be a superb surveillance solution. 

Dahua Technology N42C3P4 16-Channel 4K UHD NVR with 4TB HDD
Dahua Technology N42C3P4 16-Channel 4K UHD NVR with 4TB HDD

Suitable NVR options for TiOC and Night Color 2.0 cameras are the N42C2P 8-channel series, the N42C3P 16-channel series, the N54A4P 24-channel series, and the N52B5P 32-channel series. 

Of course, you’re not limited to those NVRs. They’re an example of what could be used as a recorder solution in a surveillance system that implements TiOC and Night Color 2.0 cameras in any kind of configuration or combination. Many options are available on our site and since every application is different, only you can determine what best suits your needs are.  

Are you excited to try one of these TiOC cameras for yourself? Let us know in the Comments section, below. If you need help deciding what best works for you, feel free to reach out to our experts by phone at +1 (800) 606-6969 or contact us via Live Chat