Bose® Announces SoundLink Revolve™ II Speakers with True 360° Sound


Bose® has just announced two new wireless speakers, the SoundLink Revolve™ II and Revolve+™ II. Like their predecessors, the SoundLink Revolve™ and Revolve+™, these portable, pint-size speakers deliver astonishingly powerful sound—enough to fill an entire room with 360° of jaw-dropping audio. On top of that, the enhanced Bluetooth speaker line also includes several important upgrades, including better battery life, better environmental protection, and much more.

At first glance, the updated speakers don’t look strikingly different from their predecessors. Both new models feature the same aluminum body and sleek cylindrical design that made the original SoundLink Revolve™ so aesthetically pleasing. Like their predecessors, both models utilize Bose’s signature acoustic architecture to deliver immersive 360° sound—the same architecture, by the way, that helped make the original SoundLink Revolve™ one of the best-sounding Bluetooth speakers on the market. Yet, despite those similarities and more, when you take a closer look at the new models, you’ll see that they do feature some important upgrades.

The first of those upgrades is the battery life, which has been bumped up to 13 hours for the Revolve™ II and 17 hours for the Revolve+™ II. The IP rating has also been increased to IP5, which means the new models are more resistant to water and dust than their predecessors.

Now, in terms of sound quality: The original SoundLink Revolve™ and Revolve+™ offered identical sound performance, regardless of which speaker you chose. This time around, however, the Revolve+™ II can achieve higher volume and produce even more room-filling sound that the Revolve™ II. The Revolve+™ II also features a carrying handle, which Bose® suggests makes it more portable. I would argue that it serves an even greater function: making the speaker look like a really cool, futuristic lantern. But portability is also cool.

Sound volume, battery life, and criminally underrated carrying handle aside, the two speaker models offer the same suite of auxiliary features, including NFC pairing, Bose® Connect™ app support, stereo pairing, a threaded universal mount, and color options—Triple Black and Luxe Silver.

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