MSI Rolls Out New Studio and Stealth Laptops


Embrace your creative side and streamline your productivity with MSI’s latest Creator Z Series and Stealth laptops. Equipped with Intel® 13th Gen Core™ Processors, DDR5 memory, and NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs, you get ample power to design, edit, and share your work while on the go.

Sporting a fine CNC-crafted chassis, the Creator Z16 HX Studio and Z17 HX Studio both include the 13th Gen Intel® HX™ series processor, which has been certified by NVIDIA Studio, ensuring optimal performance for your creative endeavors. A Vapor Chamber Cooler thermal design maintains thermal levels so you can work on your projects for extended periods of time with peace of mind.

Blending the lines between creating and gaming, the 14-, 16-, and 17-inch Stealth Studio notebooks each offer enhanced performance, NVIDIA Studio certification, and a sleek, stylish aesthetic. The Stealth 14 and 16 Studios feature a magnesium-aluminum alloy body that gives each notebook a lightweight feel, ideal for travelers. A trilateral Dynaudio 6-speaker sound system is built into the Stealth 16 Studio, giving you a deep and immersive sound experience for video and audio editing. Vapor Chamber thermal design is built into the Stealth 14 Studio, making it MSI’s most powerful 14-inch creative and gaming notebook. The Stealth 15 is also available for those looking for pure gaming performance.

For desktop users, MSI also announced a new series of B760 motherboards, so you can build your next creative and gaming rig with support for Intel® 12th and 13th Gen processors. For AMD users, MSI confirmed that new Ryzen 7000 Series processors will be compatible with its X670 and B650 motherboards once the applicable BIOS updates are applied. Additionally, custom NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Series graphics cards have also been announced, giving gamers even more performance and support for resource-demanding titles.

MSI is providing creatives and gamers alike with a litany of options. What are you excited for? Let us know in the Comments section, below.