Logitech Launches G502 X Series Gaming Mice


Logitech G takes computer gaming to a new level with the launch of the G502 X series high-performance gaming mice. Available with LIGHTSPEED wireless or USB wired connectivity, and in black or white finishes, the G502 X series updates the design of the original G502 mouse with newer technologies.

Logitech G G502 X LIGHTSPEED wireless and USB wired gaming mice
Logitech G G502 X LIGHTSPEED wireless and USB wired gaming mice

This includes recently introduced LIGHTFORCE hybrid optical-mechanical switches for the left and right buttons, which deliver enhanced speed and reliability while retaining the precise actuation of pure mechanical switches. They are accompanied by a HERO 25K sub-micron optical sensor that can track between 100 and 25,600 dpi for pinpoint accuracy.

Updated LIGHTSPEED technology boosts the wireless models with a 68% faster response time than the previous generation. The G502 X LIGHTSPEED mouse also lets you play in extended marathons with up to 140 hours of battery life.

Those who want more style can look to the G502 X Plus, which further enhances your gaming experiences with a customizable LIGHTSYNC RGB light strip that automatically powers down when you’re not playing, to conserve battery life. Pairing either model with a POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System can keep your wireless mouse charged almost indefinitely.

All G502 X mice include a reversible DPI-shift button that has been redesigned to accommodate different grip styles, or it can be removed altogether if preferred. The dual-mode scroll wheel also allows you to switch between fast, free-spin, and ratcheted precision modes. Additionally, these gaming mice are lightweight and have low-friction PTFE feet that help to deliver exceptionally fast responses.

Which Logitech G G502 X series mouse fits your gaming style best? Do you prefer wired or wireless mice? Let us know in the Comments section, below.