Announcing Logitech Flow: MX KEYS and MX MASTER 3


Logitech, a leader in computer peripherals, is proud to announce the updated MX Master 3 wireless mouse, along with the new MX Keys keyboard. Centered around “Flow,” these tools are designed to keep up with modern demands of “more.” As we’re constantly looking for the next best thing to help us get stuff done, Logitech’s Flow feature enable us to reach farther than before. Their integration of Flow starts with peripherals and, of course, computers. Once users have installed the Logitech Options software, they’ll be able to set up their devices and systems for cross-computer control and file sharing. Like having a KVM switch, users will be able to use the same set of peripherals across different systems, even between Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, by simply moving their cursor to the edge of the screen. To take it one step further, Flow enables text, image, and file sharing between systems with the conventional copy-and-paste method.

The MX Master 3 is built with a 4000 dpi Darkfield sensor, which can track on virtually anywhere, even on glass. Similar to their older MX Master 2S mouse, the 3 features a familiar ergonomic design with convenient and better-positioned thumb controls for horizontal scrolling and front and back navigation. While maybe not noticeable at first, it also has a Gesture button. By holding this button down and moving the mouse in one of four directions, users can perform custom commands such as accessing Task View, switching between desktops, and more. Additionally, its MagSpeed electromagnetic scroll wheel offers users fast, precise, and the endless scrolling that Logitech users have come to love.

On the other hand, the MX Keys keyboard is built with a single metal plate for a solid feel, and ergonomically designed Perfect Stroke Keys. Rated for up to 10 million clicks, these matte keys are indented and have increased stability for a more comfortable, tactile, and quiet typing experience.

It also features Smart Illumination, which enables it to turn on its backlighting automatically when your hands are near, as well as adjust its brightness to best fit your surroundings. With these two devices, users can simplify their workflow with brush size adjustments at their fingertips and the ability to scroll through thousands of lines of codes with ease.

Both MX devices have 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth LE wireless connectivity and built-in batteries with USB Type-C recharging. The MX Master 3 is rated to last up to 70 days on a full charge and can provide up to three hours of use from a single minute of charging, whereas the MX Keys is rated for 10 days of use or up to five months with backlighting turned off. To check out more of what Logitech has to offer, click here.