Adobe Announces Adobe Express


Adobe has announced its latest web and mobile product: Adobe Express. With Adobe Express, a creative platform to create social media graphics, flyers, logos, posters, advertisements, banners, business cards, and more, is at your fingertips. Projects are synced across the Web and mobile apps, giving you the flexibility to work anywhere.

Adobe Express
Adobe Express

Adobe Express replaces Adobe Spark and is geared toward users who may not be familiar with the other applications available in Adobe's Creative Suite. According to Adobe, Adobe Express offers thousands of high-quality templates, 20,000 premium Adobe fonts, and 175 million licensed Adobe Stock images. It enables drag-and-drop content creation, empowering everyday users to make quick graphics or photo edits.

Adobe Express is web-based, and you don't need a Creative Cloud account or to pay a monthly subscription fee to use it. It does, however, use a freemium model. The base version of it is free, but you'll get access to more features and content when you pay, in this case, $9.99 per month for Adobe Express Premium.

With Adobe Express Premium, you get features such as the ability to refine cutout, resize, and graphic groups, as well as access to all premium templates and design assets—including the entire collection of royalty-free Adobe Stock photos from within the Adobe Express app. Additionally, Adobe Express Premium nets you 100GB of cloud storage, which is pretty substantial in comparison to the free version’s 2GB.

Adobe Express is available on the Web and as a free app from the Microsoft Store, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. To learn more about Adobe Express and purchasing a yearly subscription, visit the product page. And, if you have any questions about Adobe's creative suite in general, be sure to ask in the Comments section, below!

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