Achieve Desktop Perfection with Ergotron's LX Monitor Arm

Achieve Desktop Perfection with Ergotron’s LX Monitor Arm

When friends ask how I manage to create a full work-from-home setup in my small Brooklyn bedroom, I tell them, “Patience, a bit of finessing, and a monitor arm.” Specifically, the LX Monitor Arm from Ergotron, which has quickly become one of my favorite work-from-home accessories and the reason my small desk space is so functional.

Ergotron LX Desk Mount Monitor Arm
Ergotron LX Desk Mount Monitor Arm

Ergotron LX Monitor Arm: Features

When shopping for monitor arms, one of the first things you should consider is whether the mount in question is compatible with your particular monitor. The LX Monitor Arm supports displays measuring up to 34" and weighing up to 25 lb. It’s also compatible with 75 x 75 and 100 x 100mm VESA patterns. I’m currently using a 27" ProArt Display from ASUS, which weighs 12 lb without its stand and was designed to support VESA 100 accessories—so it was a perfect fit.

Beyond compatibility, the LX Monitor Arm offers many appealing features that convinced me to buy it. For starters, it tilts from -5 to 70° and rotates 360°, meaning a wide range of motion is possible. The arm can also extend up to 24" and reach up to 13" in height, making it well-suited for users who tend to move around while working.

The LX Monitor Arm gives you three different color variations to choose from: matte black, polished aluminum, and white. I wanted to match the arm to my monitor, so I chose the matte black, but the other colors were equally appealing.

Ergotron LX Monitor Arm: Set Up

Assembling the LX Monitor Arm is a quick and straightforward process. Working from the base upward, you connect the arm segments via a simple interlocking mechanic. The only tools needed are a screwdriver for mounting the display and the included hex keys to adjust the tilt, lift, and lateral tension.

The ease of setting up the LX Monitor Arm speaks to the thoughtful engineering behind it. Each component is well-designed and intended to fit together precisely. Also noteworthy is the integrated cable management, which enables users to route messy cables safely through the arm and out of the way. This feature is especially useful when organizing, and significantly contributes to the overall sleek and refined look.

Ergotron LX Monitor Arm: Final Verdict

Considering everything Ergotron’s LX Monitor Arm has to offer, I think this is one of the best tech accessories I’ve purchased in recent years. Simple, sleek, and well-designed, the arm cuts down on desktop clutter significantly by giving me more space to work with and keeping messy cables out of the way.

Not only does my workspace feel less chaotic, but it has also become more flexible. As someone who moves around a lot throughout the day, being able to tilt and swivel my screen to accommodate whatever position I am in, efficiently, is nothing short of a complete game changer. I can see this feature being incredibly helpful for those who are constantly moving their display so others can view it, or for those who fidget and adjust often, like I do.

My favorite use for this arm, by far, has been to make my configuration more useful for entertainment when I am not working. Because my bedroom is too small to fit a TV, utilizing my monitor as an entertainment display is the next best thing, and this articulating arm makes it possible. By attaching it to my desk, I can swivel my monitor to face my bed, allowing me to cozy up for evenings full of anime and gaming in comfort.

This kind of application can benefit all kinds of people. For college students, the arm enables a nifty multipurpose setup that is easy to set up and break down again when it’s time to move at the end of the academic year. The arm’s compacted form is highly functional in limited space, making it well-suited for city dwellers and small offices in general. Of course, even if none of these apply to you, you can still benefit from the LX’s integrated organization and overall sleekness.

My experience with the LX monitor arm has been positive, and I continually recommend it to friends and family. We have all kinds of small desk tips if your office space is limited, but Ergotron’s LX monitor arm is a great starting point if you are looking for an easy way to elevate the efficiency of your workspace.

Have you incorporated a monitor arm into your setup? What are your favorite desktop organization tricks? Let us know in the Comments section, below.