Our Favorite Gaming Headsets

Our Favorite Gaming Headsets

For gamers, a comfortable pair of headphones with great audio is an indispensable tool if you're looking to fully immerse yourself in your games. You can have the best gaming setup around, but your experience will be absolutely underwhelming without a good pair of headphones. In general, there is no perfect, one-size-fits-all pair of headphones since comfort can be pretty subjective, so we highly encourage trying on any pair you're considering if you have the opportunity. Additionally, what sounds good to one person might not necessarily sound good to you, so keep that in mind. Below are a few gaming headsets that represent some of our top choices, but they are in no way the only choices.

Best Overall Wireless: Audeze Maxwell Wireless Gaming Headset

Audeze Maxwell Wireless Gaming Headset

This Maxwell Wireless Gaming headset from Audeze has become pretty popular as of late and that's all thanks to its planar magnetic drivers, setting it apart from pretty much every other headset aimed at gamers in this price range. If that just sounds like jargon to you, all you need to know is that the type of drivers used in the Maxwell ditch the traditional design used in most headsets on the market. The result is way better audio quality. Put simply, audio from this headset has less distortion, plenty of bass and a tonal separation, and clarity that's invaluable when gaming. For example, if you play a lot of first-person shooters, it makes it noticeably easier to figure out the direction of footstep audio.

Design-wise these are on the understated side and don't scream "gamer," which is great in case you ever want to pair these with a different device and use them as everyday headphones thanks to multi-device support. The boom mic is also detachable in that regard, but the headset still has an integrated mic, which is a pretty thoughtful design choice. They are a little on the heavier side, so keep that in mind if you experience discomfort wearing headsets for extended periods of time. Price-wise this headset is pretty in line with other top tier options from other brands, but it's still relatively pricey, retailing for around $299 usually. There are also two separate versions if you plan on using these on a console but both versions work for PC. Get these if you don't want to compromise on sound quality and want the best-sounding headset, but be aware they're usually backordered, so you might be waiting a while.

Alternative Overall Pick: Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech is no stranger to the world of gaming accessories since they pretty much make it all. We're happy to report that the Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Headset is pretty great as an alternative pick if our top pick from Audeze is unavailable (and it usually is). They sport a "pilot" shaped silhouette and are lighter than our top pick. The cushioned earcups on these are also very comfortable to wear during long gaming sessions. They'll hold a charge for a long time, too, with an impressive 50-hour battery life. If that isn't enough for you, they're $50 cheaper as well and can usually be found for around $250. The sound on these is a little on the bass-heavy side, but you can always play around via Logitech's companion software to fine-tune it more to your liking. While the mic won't blow you away, it’s pretty good at isolating your voice and it’s also removable, too. This one works with PC but can also be used on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation 4 consoles.

Best MidRange Pick: Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

What stands out about the Blackshark V2 Pro headset from Razer, other than great audio, is that the mic quality on these is pretty stellar. Razer's detachable "HyperClear Cardioid Mic," while being a mouthful to say, makes you sound clear and natural. Gaming headsets get a pretty bad rep for poor mic quality so absolutely consider these if that's a priority for you.

If we're talking sound, these have 50mm "TriForce Titanium" drivers that make audio sound clear enough with sufficient bass as well. They also sound great right out of the box without much calibration but that can be further tailored to your tastes thanks to Razer's companion software. Despite its much more affordable price tag relative to our top pick (you can usually find these for around $180), this headset offers great audio, build quality, and additional features like multi-device pairing that put it in league with more expensive headsets. They sport a similar design to the G Pro X 2, as well, and should be comfortable for extended wear. Back that up with a pretty impressive 70-hour battery life and multi-platform support and it’s not hard to see why this is a solid pick for most people.

Best Budget Headset: HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

HyperX's headsets have made a bit of a name for themselves in this corner of the market and for good reason. If you don't mind being tethered to your desk, it’s hard to beat the sound quality and overall comfort you're getting from the HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset, especially at its price point. You can normally find these for around $100 (usually less) and there's also a wireless version that's pretty great if you don't mind shelling out the premium. Sound-wise, 50mm drivers and a dual-chamber design help the audio from this headset punch way above its weight class. Sure, the red and black design might not be the most aesthetically pleasing design, but the build quality on these is very solid and it’s hard to understate just how comfortable this headset is to wear as well. You can also remove the mic and use these as headphones. If you just want an amazing sounding headset without spending a whole lot, then these are the way to go.

Best Headset for Streamers: Audio-Technica ATH-M50xSTS-USB StreamSet Headset

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xSTS-USB StreamSet Headset

Pretty notorious in the world of headphones Audio-Technica takes what's great about its iconic ATH-M50x headphones and 20-series mics and adapts it into a professional-level headset aimed at gamers who take sound quality seriously. This pair is perfect if you see yourself streaming, for example. They're also comfortable, so if you're looking for a workhorse of a headset that won't disappoint in the areas that matter, you really can't go wrong with these. Note that these are on the more expensive side and can normally be found for around $230. Two different models exist: the USB model, which has a Type-A cable and comes with an included USB-C adapter, or there's a version with an analog XLR connector and 3.5mm headphone connector.

If none of our favorites fit your particular checklist, we invite you to drop a comment or ask a question below, so we can help find the best headset for you.