Classic Cameras Series


Nearly every photographer has that legacy film camera hidden among their gear. Even young, up-and-coming shooters can find the allure of film powerful enough to pick up a well-loved analog system. This is why we have chosen to highlight some of our personal favorites and legendary picks with this ongoing series.

Canon AE-1

Introduced in April 1976, the Canon AE-1 was a worldwide successful camera. This low-cost camera had high-end features. Can this forward-thinking SLR still produce?

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Nikon F

The mighty Nikon F is a legendary camera that started
Nikon's professional line, and it was simply called Nikon F.
Let's see what it can do!

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Pentax K1000

The Pentax K1000 was in production for more than
two decades, & more than three million sold!
We loaded film in this historic camera and hit the town!

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Get Going on your Own Film Adventure

If you have never touched film, it can be tough to figure out where to start. This selection of articles should help spur your creativity while providing the information and tools you need to make the leap for yourself.

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Historical Processes is dedicated to exploring the history of photography through the eyes of its inventors and early practitioners. At a time when digital technologies are re-shaping the way we experience photography, this series celebrates the many physical forms photographs have taken over the years.