Adventure Week: Winter Edition


Adventure Week is back! This time, we're heading out into the cold for some wintry excitement. Starting Monday, January 28th, join us as we ski, snowboard, and snap a polar-bear pic or two. Each day, we'll be highlighting a different adventure, providing details on how we did it, the gear we used, and showcasing all the exciting footage we captured along the way.

MON: Photograph Polar Bears

Lions and Eagles and Polar Bears, Oh My!

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TUE: Hit the Slopes

Carving Up the Slopes and Snapping Action Shots

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WED: Catch Some Waves

Photographing Surfers at the Giant Waves of Nazaré

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THU: Go Diving Abroad

Papua New Guinea: Adventure of a Lifetime

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FRI: Sit Back and Recap

Winter Adventure Week was Freezing Cold

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